Yuzhny mkt., Domodedovo, Moscow region
Yuzhny mkt., Domodedovo, Moscow region
Greater Domodedovo Ltd.
37 730,4 sq.m.
I. Mashkov, E. Grigorova,
А. Kolpikov, T. Strekalova, G. Sidorycheva
cultural centre and shopping centre with a parking lot
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The complex project is located on the territory with a total area of 32,900 m2 belonging to the urban district of Domodedovo, Yuzhny microdistrict. The volumes of the buildings are orientated in such a way that they are on the path of the formed pedestrian flows for the most comfortable movement of the residents.
When designing the appearance of the complex, their future function as centres of attraction for the population of the district was taken into account. The existing and planned surrounding development of the microdistrict is an example of volumes to which various stylistic solutions with a large number of colours have been applied. Accordingly, for the designed public buildings the task was to form an expressive appearance by applying a minimum number of colouristic solutions.
Shopping centre. The volume of the building is a passageway type, organised as a result of the analysis of pedestrian flows. The development of the building volume is carried out around the main diagonal transit route between the part of the neighbourhood with a large number of residential buildings and the church as a cultural object of attraction, and the central hub of public transport to Moscow and other nearby urban centres. Two scales of square modules are used to form the volume.
House of Culture. The building repeats the stylistic and facade techniques used for the dominant volume of the shopping centre.
The House of Culture has several main functional blocks that influence the volume-planning solution of the whole building.
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