Gorodok B microdistrict, Lyubertsy, Moscow region
Gorodok B microdistrict, Lyubertsy, Moscow region
IC "Troika RED"
68 390 sq m
I. Mashkov, A. Kolpikov,
Е. Grigorova, P. Topchiev,
Е. Shitskova, A. Evdokimova,
Н. Smirnova, T. Strekalova
multifunction complex
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the topic and audience.
The building is a complex-shaped volume consisting of 49 floors, including underground floors, with a maximum height of 152.75 metres.
The planning solution is conditioned by the town-planning decision, functional purpose of the object and consists of: premises of entrance groups, hotel rooms, premises of the car park for 214 m/space (including for low-mobility groups of population), premises of cleaning service, premises of swimming pool, premises of medical block, premises of trade, administrative premises, premises of hairdresser's shop, premises of cafe, economic premises, office premises, premises of public administration, premises of technical personnel, premises of access to the roof, technical premises, premises of the entrance to the building, premises of the building.
On the facades, in accordance with the schemes (in the annex to this Certificate), there are places for placing information, advertising and navigation structures.
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