9 Veresaeva str., Moscow
9 Veresaeva St., Moscow
"Veresaeva + ", "STK. Stroytekhnologia"
13 600 sq.m.
I. Mashkov, A. Kuzmina,
Н. Kuzmina, D. Kulich, E. Shitskova,
А. Dundukov, N. Vozvyshayev,
Т. Ivanova, A. Skupov (sculpture),
Е. Muravyeva (mosaic)

residential complex
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the topic and audience.
The history of the house is dictated by the location of the plot - a green area on the way from Rublevskoye Highway to the city centre. The residential building is developed with longitudinal facades parallel to Veresaeva and Tulpannaya Streets, with an indentation from the red line deep into the plot.
The central part of the composition is the entrance group with stylised columns (stone, metal, artificial onyx) and a pompous, specially weighted transparent canopy. The main facade of the building is symmetrical with respect to the central axis. The building as if grows out of the stylobate, cut by risalites and granite-faced basement part.
The main facade of the building is symmetrical with respect to the central axis. The rhythmic solution of the facades consists of a combination of planes of different textures and mosaic elements. The subjects of decorative elements are inspired by the works of the artists of the "World of Art" society. All decorative and artistic techniques used both in the exteriors, including decorative mural tiles and mosaic facade panels, and in the interiors, create a unique architectural look. Design solutions of both plans and facades promote the aesthetics of beauty and convenience. The planning solutions of the flats are made taking into account marketing research, large enough, meeting the requirements for comfort-class housing.
The project pays much attention to the work with textures and materials, which is one of the distinctive features of the works of the architectural bureau "Maisonproekt". Alternation of smooth and textured surfaces
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