21, Serpukhovsky Val str., Moscow
21, Serpukhovsky Val str., Moscow
LSR Group
240 000 sq.m.
I. Mashkov, A. Kuzmina, D. Kulich,
E. Shitskova,N. Kuzmina, T. Ivanova,
А. Khloptsova, V. Borisenko, A. Lebedev,
E. Beshirova, G. Guseva, A. Skupov,
С. Podzorov, E. Muravyeva (sgraffito)

residential complex
ЖК Донской Олимп
The territory of the newly formed complex of buildings of the residential complex "Donskoy Olimp" significantly recedes from the boundaries of the fence of the previously existing enterprise deep into the site, which makes it possible to arrange an additional traffic lane along Serpukhovsky Val, a comfortable pavement with a width of 6 to 8 metres in front of the shops located in the ground floor of the complex. At the same time, the high-rise parts of the buildings are set back from Serpukhovsky Val by 10-13 metres.
The driveways on the side of the 1st and 4th Roschinskiye proezdes are considerably widened, comfortable pavements are formed, shops and offices are located at the ground floor level, enlivening the cityscape with their windows.
On the southern side, where the territory of the plant was adjacent to residential buildings and there was no through passage due to the fences, a full-fledged road is organised, included in the much-needed network of intra-block passages.
On the territory of the residential complex an area with the building of the public centre is formed, deliberately not enclosed within the limits of the complex, but, on the contrary, facing towards the city: creation of a quality environment, revitalisation of the urban fabric will positively influence the mood of the district residents and potential buyers of flats.
The solutions of the facades of the community centre are complex, multi-divisional, and in the neoclassical style.
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