22, Avtozavodskaya str., Moscow
22, Avtozavodskaya str., Moscow
"Лидеринвест", "Москапстрой"
8 000 sq m
А. Kuzmina, I. Mashkov,
E. Grigorova, V. Borisenko,
Н. Kuzmina, A. Dundukov
residential building
ZILART lot 4
The residential complex consists of three residential blocks of variable storeys - one seven-storey and two fourteen-storey blocks - and is integrated by volume-planning solutions into the general style of the design code developed as part of the renovation of the industrial zone of the former ZIL plant.
The buildings are united by a common underground part with a two-level car park. On the ground floors of the complex it is envisaged to accommodate office and retail facilities with separate entrances.
The facades of all three buildings are designed in the same style. The cladding of grey tones is made of clinker bricks and echoes the waters of the Moscow River, on the bank of which the complex is located. The theme is continued by bay windows with stained glass glazing and anthracite-coloured metal profile. For the facades of the ground floor it is planned to use large-format ceramics or composite under rusty metal. Natural stone will be used for the entrance platforms, external staircase steps and plinth.
Business class flats are located on the 2nd to 14th floors. The range of areas is from 40 to 120m2. Finishing of residential, office premises and common areas is developed according to a separate design project.
The original decorative element on the facade - author's ceramic tiles with images of cars produced at different times by the ZIL plant, will be a kind of reminder to residents of the connection of the new facility with the place where the complex is located.
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