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An alliance of future founders of the company was formed in 1999.

The first works (1999-2002) were sophisticated interiors and cottages.

In 2002, LLC "Mezonproekt" began work on several projects in Siberia (Nizhnevartovsk, Izluchinsk). And in 2003 we started designing of buildings in Moscow.

More than 300.000 sqm. of our projects are under construction in 2015.

Our customers:


The Russian Federation through the Higher Arbitration Court of Russian Federation;


The city of Moscow in the person of Moskapstroy;


Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation;


"Fund for the development of Arts by A.I. Rukavishnikov ";


Broadway Malyan (UK)

Ilya Mashkov Eng.,MSc,UMArch - Founder

Alexandra Kuzmina Arch., UMArch - Founder





- All stages of design (FS, SD, DD, Proekt, Detailed design); 


- General Designer service;

- Planning of urban areas;

- Urban calculations;

- Interior design;

- Architectural supervision;

- Initial data collection;

- Preparation of presentations, 3D modeling, animation;

- Project evaluation

- Adaptations

Design and planning - the most intellectual part of the construction process, each object is unique, each error is expensive.

Customer gravitating to a certain style demonstrates education, for architect it means shortsightedness.

The quality of the solution is measured by the profit to the investor, not by the square footage of the project.

Were not looking for uncompromising solutions, we  use them as a starting point for our search. 


There are no hopeless situations in planning.

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Planning and urban design

- Analysis of the site and restrictions


- Determination of functions and resources


- Flow planning


- Master plan


Boundary conditions:

Location, Function, the Customer's brief



"solid, useful, beautiful"


Main resource:  

Our wisdom, creativity and expirience


In this section we present our competition works.